Saturday, November 01, 2008

An audio slide show from my Faces of the Working Waterfront exhibition.
I created a collage of voices.  The subjects of the portraits read a poem written by Vincent Ferinni, Gloucester's Poet Laureate who recently died in 2007.  

Faces of the Working Waterfront from Mark T on Vimeo.

Excerpt of an article written by Stephanie Silverstein  from the Cape Ann Beacon Newspaper

On the other side of the harbor, photographer Mark Teiwes will be exhibiting his portraits of 31 people who work along the harbor from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The portraits will be hanging on the interior and exterior walls of Capt. Joe and Sons warehouse at 95 East Main St.
“When I was thinking about doing a community art project, I really wanted to also include the people who are actually working down there. Oftentimes, artists will paint or take pictures of the beautiful scenery, which is what I was initially drawn to, but my purpose was to really get down there and meet the people who are working down there,” Teiwes said. “This project is about them, and their faces, and the strength and dignity they have as well as the struggle as the fishing industry is shrinking.”
Each portrait is two feet by three feet, and some of the subjects include lobstermen, fishermen, wholesalers, and mechanics. Teiwes said he chose Vincent Ferrini’s poem “At the Brink” as his literary connection because it is about the harbor and the fishing industry. Teiwes also made an audio slideshow, which can be seen on his web site at, which features the subjects of his portraits reading the poem.
“I’m excited for people to see artwork in a place where it’s not normally seen. To see the dignity that all of these people who are working on the harbor have,” Teiwes said. “It was great for me to go down there and really see the heart of the history of Gloucester.”
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lobstermen Matt & Mark stand next to their picture at Capt. Joe & Son's Warf.
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If you can't make it to see the show before it closes at the end of November here are a few pictures to get a feel of the installation. There were 4 pictures in the front, 7 on the harbor side & 21

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Husband & wife Lobster team

Some pictures from my Faces of the Working Water front show...
This husband & wife lobster team came in while I was hanging the show.
The next day they brought their son to the opening reception.
I was honored to see people bring their family & friends to see the show.